MIS stuff


I got a new server and just hooked it up thought I would take some pics for the insurance company . Wish they where all the same and rack mounted like caps . But I cant afford to do all that . I have 640k down DSL run a 10/100 3com switch and have a KVM switch to run all of the servers . One is a PIII 450 256 Mb RAM the other Pentium Pro 200 128 MB RAM and the new one I just got os a Dual PIII 667 MHz 256 Mb RAM with a Raid array a professional server kinda cool Hot swap HDs Redundant Power supplies IBM Netfinity 5100. Anyway here is a pic of what is supposed to be my dining room . The Pcs to the left are the kids the one to the right is mine and the servers . PS anyone looking for a Lexmark C710 color laser printer with duplexer and 10/100 ethernet I have one ...

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