Moving the Gallery


Dis in my way!
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Ok guys we have been moving a LOT of bandwidth lately and I want the gallery to stay running smoothly. We are currently running the photo gallery and the message board and main site on one server. Its a dual 2.4 with 8 gig ram and hot swappable scsi drives but its hammering the server so much that the board is hesitating a little. In hopes that we have a great spring and summer which means that this place gets busier I am going to break the gallery off the server that it is on now and put it on a sister server that is ideantical to the one its on now...... What does this mean for you... Faster load times for the board and gallery...... I should have this done by mid afternoon tommorrow (unemployment has advantages) so dont flip out if your gallery is gone or the gallery is not there. 11,000 pics take awhile to transfer ya know......

OOOOhhhhh, Coooolll!!!! It'll be the freakin Board of Frankenstien....

Very Cool, Make the fastest faster... SH.orgs speed bump made me a little nervous, though it doesn't sound like we have anything to worry about...
What moving. I just found it... I won't know what to do. I I I need it!! Oh my I am in trouble.
yeah, cappy! I really appreciate your work to keep this site going. Glad I call this one home. is not fairing near as well as you site in the dependability department. Thanks!!!!
Is that what happened to my sticky Post funny pictures here post? I only had one sticky post.