I see someone finally found a purpose for those things


Hey it WAS a random thought, wasn't it?
Wish I could say the same, not much real bikes here in my part of the world. Only thing I get to "race" are retards in their diesel-driven cars.
Once met a guy in a BMW M3 who actually was SURE he could keep up with me. Man, was he surprised.
Yessir that is about as much use as I get out of them...That and they have a cool way of making one Cop car look like about 1000. Vibrating and dancing everywhere.
But I do have to mention that it is awfully rude of the dude in Black and Grey to be peeing on that poor guys Busa...Maybe he is just marking his territory? Or was it Over heating?
Remember the T.V. show "Happy Day's".
Fonzie say's to Ritchie Cunningham ,
"Hey Cunningham,which way do the mirrors look the best on my bike? Up or down?"
Ritchie say's "Well Fonz,I think you'll be able too see better outa them if there up".
Fonzie say's "I didnt ask which was better,I asked which way looks cooler,besides I dont wanna look where I've already been, I wanna see where I'm goin'."
Yup that Arthur Fonzerelli , he was one Kool Kat .
'Cept for that Triumph piece O' crap they had him ridding .
'Cept he couldn't actually ride , they had to push him on the bike by hand from off-camera , an' let him coast into the scene . Too Funny .... "Hollywood MAGIC" .
LOL, I just read an article about famous movie-bikes. Fonzarelli's was in there. Not only could he not drive, neither could the Triumph, it had been dead for 2 years before they ever used it.