Micron Pipes



The Yosimura Dual Tip is just too expensive, $1170, $1099 from StarCycle. It is a great looking pipe, but geeze.....

So, I like the Micron, with the Black can, matches the bike, for $769 from Micron. And I still get a PC3R for $399 from Micron already mapped for the Busa, KEWL. They say the combo is good for 12HP to 15HP over stock?

Any feedback on the Micron Pipe, good, bad, ugly, POS.


Rattle Thinkers cage,

He has a super sweet pair of Microns on his sled. Look sweet and from what I have heard they sound good to. Not too raspy etc.
Still no response from thinker? Strange...Must be out riding.
I've got a pair of Micron slip-ons and I love the sound. With the slip-ons the performance enhancements are virtually unnoticable. Psychology though it felt like it was faster, but its hard to say when you riding the blue and silver busa, which is noted as the fstest of the busas
I know I'll catch heat about starting that debate again

I am here. I have Microns also. They sound great...deep throaty sound. I agree, it seems faster, but didn't log in enough time with the stock ones to be sure. But they really look good. The only potential problem is when the cans get hot, and are in the sun, you can see sort of a spider web kinda cracking pattern. It is hard to see and haven't been able to get a decent picture. Micron says this happens with a very small % of cans and only when chrome is one of the colors. They offered to resleeve them for me at anytime during the 1 year waranty. I am keeping an eye on it.
Had a Micron Serpent on my '01, and it was was strong... With a custom map, it pulled 150.7 hp without the rear wheel strapped down... Found some little rubber curls on the tire after it came off the dyno, and I think I had some tire slippage... It definitely felt a lot stronger with this pipe...

Quality was good, too. I had a Akra full titanium on my Busa, and I liked it a lot, too... Extremely light, and had a good sound...

Either way, I think it pays to get a custom map done - the one that came for the Micron Serpent was way too lean. The bike felt totally different with the custom map, and the power curve was nice and flat...