Michelin Comander 2?


My bike guy knows I pretty much cruise on my busa except on open highway straights! I was shopping tires going with the 200 width size etc... But he says given my riding style and the tendency to go through rear tires he suggest the Michelin commander 2 for the rear. I was considering it but the only info and feedback I have read is from folks who have never had them on the bike and only go off of the info provided by Michelin. Can anyone offer some insight and I like the idea of a tire that last twice as long! Any further information will be appreciated. I'm in no way a performance rider and I use my bike all summer to work and I ride for pleasure and highway speed runs.
Michelin Power Road 3's seem to give all the grip you need and appear to last at least three times as long as what I'm use to running. I have close to 9 K on a rear now and haven't hit wear bars yet. I typically do that by 5 K.
My bike guy offered to buy it back if I don't like it! So I'm going to go ahead and give the comander II a shot! I'll post and let you know how things go. If this doesn't work out I'm going with the power road 3's!
Michelin markets it as a cruiser tire. So it may not have the same grip characteristics as a sportbike tire. That said - it may also be just fine for your use. I would only think it might matter if you had it on a track bike, where ultimate grip is a serious consideration. I've been looking for a more mileage oriented tire too. I may just look in that direction also.
I have the Metz ME 880 Cruiser tires on my 08 they will no doubt have over ten thousand when I put a new set on. I run 130/200 these are the best handling tires I ever had on this bike. I do not care what anyone says about tires. It will always be 130/200 so for now its 880/s I have a new set mounted up and ready to go. The tire engineers should ride these bikes.
It's been forever since I responded to this thread! I can now report the results! I think I made a sound decision with the Commander II! I'm not a knee scraper by any means and I'm 300 lbs plus and this tire is perfect for me plus it doesn't seem to wear at all!