Malibu Monday

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Taking Howlin's advice to get out and hone the twisty skills, I took a little trip to Malibu via Mulholland Drive. It was about 80 deg (72 at the beach) and since it was Monday, I had the roads almost all to myself. Stopped for lunch at the beach, and took a little trip up PCH.

Here's a pic of the view:

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You guys on the East coast have the Dragon, we have the Snake, not as long but plenty twisty.

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This is the start of Las Flores Canyon road, the sign says 10% downgrade, 1st gear all the way!
Another Twisty View, we did this road on the August Ride last year.

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Surf's up dood!

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Not only the fastest color, but the fastest bike at the Rock Store, Ok, the ONLY bike at the Rock Store, Hey, it's Monday.

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It's a good thing an '02 LE didn't show up, or you would have the second fastest color and bike at the store.

LOL....sorry, couldn't resist.
Big O out on a training flight! Awesome pics bro!

Marc "Howlin Mad"
Good job Owen, I hope we can get in a surf session this summer but at Laguna I think every waking moment we is gonna be on the Busies! BTW when do you sleep? I was up between 2-4am this morning and of course you were on but that your work time isnt it? Hey what kind of camera u use? - Kent
Not much time for surfing in Laguna but I want to go down the coast and see some surf!

Sleep? I work 6pm to 3am, but sometimes I get off early, sleepy time is usually from 6am to 1pm.

I have a Sony Cybershot U, it's REALLY small and fits in my mc jacket pocket

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