Making the Busa a little disturbed!

Well here in Alaska we have about a month till the snow hits and I am ready to work on the bike all winter long.  Since Disturbed is one of my favorite bands I took the face from their first CD and had a decal made for the windscreen and getting a custom plate saying "DISTRBD."  After I am adding a wet shot and some chrome.  Heres some new pics.  

What does everyone think?  Input is nice.  Thanks




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looks good
maybe a smoke windscreen to make sticker pop.
or if goin w/ chrome - get a chrome screen & get a new colored sticker to standout

the subtle things can help get your details noticed
just my $.02


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Funny, I was just thinking today that it is finally about time to start the riding season again. It has been so hot, it is no fun to ride.

Now it is cooling off slightly, and it will be great riding through December. Then it gets kind of cold, especially at night until March...when it is perfect again.

Have fun modding over the winter. Even though its hot in the summer here, I still ride, and it is hard to commit to a long mod period to go without the bike when it is rideable weather all the time.

If I had a winter to speak of, I would do exactly what you are doing. It would give me something to do with the bike to improve it.

As for a blue silver, I would love to see anodized electric blue on all silver parts.
Hey HayaVegas from looking at your name do you by chance live in Las Vegas?

Oh and gat0r I was thinking of going with the smoked double bubble windscreen, and you just helped me make my decision.


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dude disturbd guys live close to me. my bud from the band "destroyed by anger" lead singer roomed with them. and they all grew up together.

send me a cd if you want it autographed.




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Would you belive that at 55-- i just discoverd this Band--- Open'd up the Demon in me-----
I won't do it again i promise--- Great drivin' tunes

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