Main-stand for a Busa???

hi does anyone out there having a busa with main-stand on his/her bike can show pic on how it will look like and will it cause and problem when u are neg a corner? Btw where can i get the main-stand from? pls advise....
Suzuki has the OEM center satnd works great never had a problem with cornering (but do not use on a roadrace track)
street twisties fine
Thks for the pic aleast now i got an idea how the thing looks like and the way the bike is been parked with main-stand. but where can i purchase the stand as i know the stand are not provided when u buy the bike, right? anyone know which company or website i can know the product price?
Center Stand

There's a link to one such location. I think you can get them from pretty much any suzuki dealer. I'm sure if you wait long enough you could find one on Ebay. A new one is going to run in the neighborhood of $100