Lowering a Busa


What all do you need to buy to lower a Hayabusa?  
  Do you need the links AND straps?  Is it a different process on the front and the back?  Is this something I can do myself or should I let the dealership handle it?  Anybody with lowering experience please reply.
You need the links to lower the rear. Easy job if you're good with wrenching.

The front is a different story. Do <span style='color:crimson'>NOT</span> use a front strap for riding. That is only for at the drag strip. Read more .
So how do you think it would look if I lower my new 2003 Busa like 3" in the back but leaving it where it is in the front?  Would that look wierd?  Are there any benefits to lowering it other than the looks?  
Last question...  I'm 6' 4".  Would it be more uncomfortable for me having such long legs on a lowered bike?
height does not matter on a lowered bike when you are riding. when stopped is the issue. you will dwarf the bike, but being the biggest sportbike on the planet, still looks kool.

don't lower the back and not the front. you wanna flip that thang?? Please go back and read more on the link I showed you above. AND check out some 6'+ guys on lowered busas. you got the right bike, now treat her right!
Drew I lowered mine 2"'s in the back and got the reaper risers for racing reaper and lowered it 1.25"'s in the front. It is really easy. Give me a call and I will help you out. Later
I've got the 1" lowering fit from reaper. Works great and looks good. 1" in front and 2" in rear looks good.

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Question for those of you who have lowered your 'Busa. Did you have to make any kickstand modifications. I'm about to lower my bike (front 1.25" and rear 2") and it occured to me there might be kickstand issues (easier to tip over). Any info?

Also, I'm using the Reaper risers & rear links with the three holes; I understand that the first hole is stock setup but what are the actual lowering numbers for the other two holes? Is the second slot really 2"? What about the 3rd? Just wondering. What is the lowest the rear can be lowered with these links? Reaper calls it slammin'. Guess I should ask him. Anybody know, though?

Any knowledge about cornering. I hear that it makes cornering less effective but I should think that the lower center of gravity would make it better for cornering (other than cornering so deep that you scrape the exhaust cans).

Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

Thanx, 'Busa Brothers!
I used the 1.25" Genmar risers to lower the front, and a set of adjustable links from Schnitz for the rear. Went down about 1.5 in the front and 2.25 in the rear. You will definitely need and adjustable kick stand.

The 3rd hole is like 4". Unless the roads around your area are excellent I would not recommend it. Just getting in and out of your driveway could be a scraping experinece. I drag too often and I don't think I'm that low.

I'd also spring for the fully adjustable links from Schnitz:

Go with the more expensive version. I've heard good and bad about the cheaper ones. But, I wouldn't want to take a chance on one breaking while riding.


I have the 1.25 risers and the 3 hole dog bones. I have it on the 2 hole on the dog bones. I kept the stock kick stand and it is fine.

I haven't seen an adjustable kickstand anywhere. Do you have one? Where and how much? I'm still tossing the idea ( lowering it; how much to lower it; which kit/parts to get) around. Once I decide, though, full steam ahead.

Thanx for the ideas/comments, guys. Keep 'em comin'.
Razor I'm not answering for Tree, But I came across this last night while looking for Lowering links...

I think this is what your looking for...
I bought this stand from Schnitz:

If you would like to see a pic of my bike you can see one at this link:
Mine is at the top of the page, first row, with the GSXR and R6. It is also in the lineup at the bottom of the page. It is the 3rd bike from the left. I hope to have a couple of more pics from this weekend soon.

Hope this helps,

Nos, Tree,

Adjustable Stand from Schnitz looks good. I'm sold.


Cool ride shots. I've also got the Limited Edition Black 'Busa. Looks good slammed down to the ground like that. Is that a Hindle pipe? How do you like it? I'm considering the V&H S4 Ti. Not sure yet, though.

Thanx, guys!
Later 'Busa Bros!
The pipe is a BDE Hindle. The LE with the NOS isn't mine. That is Jasons. (Jason's is lowered also) I'm the other one. Mine is slightly lower than the one with the NOS.

I recomend the BDE to everyone even thinking of buying a pipe. Brock is a good guy and wants people to believe in his product. Customer support is beyond belief. I am 100% satisified, and I am a pain in the arse, when it comes to a product. If I didn't like it I sure wouldn't recommend it. I am hoping to get a dyno run this summer and post some numbers.