Loss of High End HP


at about 8000+ RPMs I hear a whistling sound and it sounds somewhat like my horn. I beleave its my pair valve block off gasket. The bike has just hit 15,000 Miles and the block offs have been on there since day 1

any Ideas?

The motor is about to be dropped anyways. Well as soon as Dennis the Turbo Man Delivers.

I was going to say check your cam position sensor and ask you if you have degreed cams until I read the part about the whistling. Somebody will know this one.
On a naturally aspirated Hayabusa engine, you would never feel any loss of HP due to a pair valve block-off leaking.

If however, your engine is turboed, that would not hold true. A leaking pair block-off would provide a loss of exhaust pressure (hence a whistling sound), which pressure otherwise spins the turbo. If this were the case however, your boost gauge should show somewhat lower boost pressure than usual.
(GSXRme @ Sep. 22 2006,17:43) could the horn be making the sound form small motor vibes? Just started at 14,000 miles

If you still seriously think it's your horn making the sound, simply disconnect its wires and physically remove the horn from your bike for a couple high-speed runs. This way you'll know for certain it isn't horn related.

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