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lol...ok.....im just happy, sorry..well i scrapped my first notion of putting together a kit for my bike and i just went ahead and got a new kit, why not,,,,anyway,,,,here it is...PLEASE help i need pics if you have them, i went with a 1.25lb bottle...where in the hell am i gonna put this damn thing? looks way 2 big for the hump? it has to be mounted upside down or tilted back, i dont have a extended swing arm...so whats left?.

And my apologies if i should have used my last post....i just really would like some help before i get any wild hairs
I GOT IT I GOT IT I GOT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thanks everyone....i figured out a game plan....and im VERY happy so far.....its 3am here in Tampa, i blew off 2 chicks...one of which was smokin hot.........why?.....hell yeah.im rockin the juice on the busa!!!!!!!!!...lol...
Under the hump will fit a 2 lb bottle.  

Watch out...
Some chicks around here are fast.....
i bet their are.....im 268lbs and its all i can do to keep mine down on the ground....ive ridden since i was 4,...im 34 now...im not saying im any better than anyone else....but id love to see a chick hold mine down...she would have to be 200lb plus....and sitting on the gauges...lol
I like the 5lb set up !!!!

Hey Chevelle , you got an extra 2lber ? My bracket broke off and I ran my bottle over . I didn't get hurt but it did dent the door on a BMW.
More,more more

Since this pic,sold 2 and bought 5 more.
If I were you I would strap that big blue one to my back like a scuba tank and ride around and spray my ass off or you could just get a side cart and fill it with all those bottles:thumbsup: