Home made small nitrous kit ... 30 HP 99 Busa


Hello guys , please excuse my english . I am trying to build a small dry nitrous kit out from a small co2 bottle ,selenoid ....etc .

My question is .... what pressure should have the nitrous in the bottle and what size of the nitrous jet to add 30 HP .

I am intending to use the air temperature sensor to add extra fuel .

Do you have any advices .... will this work .
The air temp sensor will not add enough fuel, you will lean it out and melt parts.

Best way (IMO) is to use ecu reflashing for the nitrous map switching. You ride around on one map, and when you press the button to spray, it automatically switches maps. You really need to tune it on a dyno.

It is fairly simple to get a bottle, line, solenoid, and nozzle, run an .018 jet and spray the airbox.
Bottle pressure consistency is more important than what pressure you run. If the pressure is high your 30 shot might be 35-40hp (causing a lean condition, melt parts). Consequentially if it's low your 30 shot might be 20-25hp resulting in an over rich condition and poor performance.

ETA: Just FYI, I run a bottle heater on a pressure switch on my car's wet system and I set mine to run 950psi. This gives me a very consistent (dyno verified) 125hp. YMMV.
I forgot to mention.....

I built my system, buying parts that I wanted. And it was cheap when I got done.

BUT, when you figure in a bottle pressure gauge, a heater, and switching to the ECU editor, it all adds up.

In case you haven't noticed, I really feel the ECU editor is the way to go, and is actually cheaper in the long run. Buy a small harness, and you can set the ECU to use a window switch, map switch, and there is no messing with a stupid power commander changing maps.
Ok i understood that using the air tep sensor is a bad ideea but my bike is an 99 model . Is it possible to edit it . If not the only way is with an power commander and a switchin map right
I am from italy and around here theese things are very rare (nitrous
How do you plan on getting the c02 bottle filled. I know NO one will fill a non approved Nitrous Oxide bottle here.
Nitrous changes from a liquid to a gas with tempature, the liquid boils with tempature increase. Example. bottle pressure can be at 550 psi at 45f degrees and increase to 1250+ psi in temps over 90f

Sounds to me as you may want to expierment with Nitrous on a small cheap motor first. Nitrous isnt forgiving of tuning, parts and installation faults.
There are things you can cut corners with , nitrous isnt one of em. buy qaulity proven name brand parts and filters.