Looking for some insight on Lever / dash panel clearance


Well there has been a couple of "show off" threads here lately so thought I would post up a picture of my new upper clamp. I also have a question regarding lever clearance. With this new clamp I get the dreaded lever hit at near full lock. Question is, any specific lever that can increase clearance over the stock levers? Is there any other option besides not turning to full lock or spot welding new steering lock tabs? Aftermarket clutch/master cylinder with more clearance?
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Nice, Some have notched the windshield. I don't know of any levers that would change anything. On mine I just pushed it to the lock position and locked it. Never had an issue with it. It would push the shield out a little. I have the Pazzo levers on my 08 with the helibars
I know you say you just got your clamp, but Roaring Toyz specifically makes theirs for for the Gen2 so there is no clearance issue and you can still lock it. That's the one I went with.
Well I'm happy there are other options out there for people to choose from, I chose this and would buy it again regardless of the issue. I was really hoping somebody would chime in and tell me some lever brand that has a different geometry with more clearance. Its so minor, "full lock without hitting is only 1-2cm away. If I can't find the right lever then I will grind my anodized factories till they clear .

Here's a better look of the problem. I've read it is quite common with gen2's, just changing levers to the "wrong' ones can cause it. If all failed, I'll get some stop tabs welded to the lower fork clamp before I change this upper clamp. I like it, very purdy imo, and the machining / fit were absolutely perfect.
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Did us try shimming the bottom tripple just enough so that the levers don't hit the fairing? Something to consider
Have you tried rolling your levers down some??? If not just loosen the two clamp bolts, roll the lever assembly forward and down then retighten the clamp bolts.