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I'm looking for the link to a page of videos. The first video was a busa on the interstate riding a wheelie through the gears. The last video was a busa with a knee dragging rider. Don't remember the rest. Someone posted the link in another thread but I can't find it. Any help would be appreciated...

You might try and follow the video link.

I think it was definitely a NickSlick video but I didn't find it in the ones you posted. It's the one that looks like you pulled out of the median and rode the back wheel to well above 100mph. Sick videos and riding, by the way!
I guess it wasn't a nickslick video after all. I found it in superkaos.com. It's this one...

Top End Wheelie

Thanks for the link to the sick a$$ videos anyway Nick!
...and a shout out to Puck. The one who made it all possible. Thanks Puck. Didn't mean to overlook ya in my shout outs, man!