Looking for a tech


Im trying to find someone who is a wrencher within 100 miles or so to 01201. I need to have the throttle bodies synced and just a good once over of the bike. Ive been doing all my own wrenching, but I have questions that the shops here have no clue what Im talking about even though they are suzuki shops they rarely see busa's and cant answer any questions, even basic ones. For instance when I asked about this I was told they should be fine for about 40k even though the manual says to check them, and at another shop when I was wondering about the TPS location I was told busa's dont have them...WTF..So you see my hesitance to go anywhere and pay for them to leave my bike in the corner and charge me for work they didnt do, or worse damage something. I will pay for the help, and it would be well worth it. I love my bike and I want it done right.Thank you again for any and all help I can get.

No TPS.Say what??I would like to sync my TB's also but need the tool.Its easy to do, just take a $100 tool to do it.It is surpising that the suzuki shops know very little about the busa.Find a specialty shop that deals with them.Here there is Premium Custom Cycles.Deals mainly with busas but also does other sportbikes.
See if you can find a speed shop, or racing shop near you that is reputable. It does not have to be a full blown dealer to get good service.