Looking at used Busa with very low miles, sub-1000.....concerns.

I've noticed a few very low milage Busa in the area and I'm gonna take a look at them.
What concerns would you have with something like 2004-2006 with 300-700 miles as of current?
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Rust in the gas tank, dry rotted tire's, mouse nest's in the air box or anywhere else. I would change all the fluid's right away.Coolant, oil, brake and clutch fluid. Welcome, hop over to the new owner fourm and tell us a little something about yourself. Good luck on the busa hunt.


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Pull the clutch cover if the clutch is fried with only 1000 miles look elsewhere. Good sign of abuse. :beerchug:

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I bought a 2007 with 480 miles on it. The owner had proof of oil changes. It was all original with stickers, reflectors, tires, etc. I took it for a test ride and everything was and has been fine. Look for obvious signs of abuse. There isnt much that can be wrong with a Busa that has under 1,000 miles. They are tough !


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Juli's bike is an 06 and it has a grand total of 413 miles. Just depends on the bike. Check it out, if it looks new and runs good, I would buy it.


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If you do buy, do not start that puppy until you have thoroughly gone through the routines and change all fluids as mentioned.

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