look out wheelie kings


well, enjoy the before and after pics grrrrr.

I hope you are okay?

Got anymore after shots of you and the bike for the “new trickâ€￾ squid’s?

That is why I stopped doing stand-up wheelies.  It doesn't take much and poof, you're gone!

Hope your recovery is quick and painless!

there's more pics of the bike laying on the ground, I don't have any pics of me though. I'll post if I can work up the steam. Sure wish I was wearing my leather pants... My cotton work pants ended up looking like chaps. I have pretty nice rash on my legs, thighs and ass. I crashed doing a 2nd gear stand up. I grabbed a little too much throttle and ended up with my wrist at too wierd an angle to chop it. I flipped it all the way over. In hind-site I could've let go of the throttle and it would've snapped shut, or I could've hit the rear brake... I did niether and there you have it. Skinned up body and wadded up bike, glad I'm not dead tho' maybe the last bike I get if my wife has her way. Its gonna take a battle. :sad:
I think I'm gonna be sick ... :drool: :eek:

I love to lift the nose but well u know what can happen but I still do it sometimes. Eeeeeeyow! Hope u is OK bud.
Man that sucks. I'm glad to hear that you are going to be ok. Tell the wife lesson learned and it won't happen again.
Good luck heal fast
Ouch  :eek:

Glad you are ok, sorry about the bike. hard to imagine since I just got my bike

Who was taking the pictures?

Ride safe............um  safer  

Safety Gear.......Safety Gear.......Safety Gear!


I am telling you from experience, ROAD RASH IS NOT FUN!!!!! I know it's tuff but it will safe your butt down the road.


Good luck getting another bike and I hope you're not in to much pain.

Josh :sad:
Jeeeez. Glad you are ok! Good on you for having the gear on that you were wearing.
That is sucking, though the picture IS awesome. How the hell did they collect the crash image?

Sorry to hear you've gone and fuxored yourself and the bike up.

Heal! I command thee!
Hey Z, Glad your mostly intact bro. Real sad about your ride. And once again I am pretty darn certain I am giving up wheelies for good. Or until I have me an enduro or something that can take a good hit.

Hope you get yourself healed up and back out there soon, if thats what you want anyway.

If it is any consolation you are not the first on the board to get bitten. Another member pitched his fully customized and chromed out busa down the road just a few months ago, and there are many others who do not fess up to crashing while stunting... Takes guts to get it up there, takes more guts to post the "Darkside" photos and fess up to what you were doing...

Post more pics if you would, if for no other reason than preserving the crash photos for others to see and think about...

Good Luck and take care...
Glad your ok...Man that's bad...I saw a guy go down just like you did...Hell I was afraid to go over 30mph...I had to get over the fear and raise that #@$!% up...Hope everything works out for you...
Glad too hear you are going to make it through.
Really awesome crash picture.
I think I will stick to wheeling on my 4 wheeler only, for a while.I couldn't handle ever seeing my bike end up like that.