Look at this.

Sweet it's going to be at Laconia Bike week. I WILL GET PICTURES!! hopefully
Sorry, I'm a believe when I see it when it comes to this bike. I've heard that it should go 300mph, I've heard how fast it is 0-60, I've HEARD it should do whatever in the 1/4 mile, but I have yet to SEE anything, except on Headline News when a guy started it (extremely loud) and when he revved the engine the whole bike torqued to one side which I can understand, the crankshaft goes front to back. So when you take off from the line will the whole bike torque to one side? And when you slam it into 2nd, will the whole bike torque to one side at 120mph? Not to slam the bike, it's beautiful, but I want to see this and have some questions answered.
Is this going to be a production bike
, wouldnt want the busa to lose the title
It debuted at the Detroit Auto Show. It's totally a Concept Bike. I've seen a couple of people ride it, but it's only been for 30-40 feet, and ALWAYS straight.
I am sorry you all, but I have to take acception to this Piece of Crap...I like Chrylser, I love the Viper, I love Motorcycles, but this thing is a piece of poop.  It has nothing going for it.  Come on guys, look at this thing really have a look, this is what happens when Car people try to design a bike, It's criminaly ugly, and at a weight of 1500 lbs simply useless.  Top speed of 300? Hah!  What a joke, with all the aerodynamics of a friggen brick, the chances of this thing moving past probably 225 are slim to none.  And yeah, when you hammer it, this thing is going to wrap itself around the crank in a big hurry.  Talk about torque effect.

Besides, the thing has yet to be ridden succesfully without the wheels being locked together so the steering hasn't even been proven yet.

An attention getter? Yes, a machine of any real value? No.  I am certain that there is a long line of over pennied, limp Log, chimps clammoring for one but only for ego or bragging rights, about the only thing I have ever seen more useless than a BOSS Hoss...Junk.    

IMNSHO   Crap, Crappity Crap Crap...
I read the magazine reports on this one a few months ago...is this an old thread? Anyway, nobody has opened this monstrosity up yet...riders have putted along in a parking lot for photo ops.