Longer front Brake lines


I've got Helibars on my new '03 and find that just like the previous bike I need about another 3/4" rise to get comfortable (yeah, I'm real tall from the butt up).  The '01 had enough slack in the top of the brake line that I could add spacers without swapping the line.  On the new bike, even the Heli's are pushing it so I need to find a good source for a set of longer front lines.  I've found a few sites that sell brake line kits but all I've called tell me that I cannot get a kit with a 2-3" longer main line.  Any help would be appreciated.


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Check out this site.
You can get them in any length over factory you want with a large selection of jacket line, and end colors! I emailed them and they said that it was no problem. I have 1 1/4" Genmar riser up front and am going to add 2" to mine and change to 2 lines from the master instead of the one that crosses over the front fender. Carbon look and gold ends !!!
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justintime2, thanks for your reply. I'll email them and see what they want for shipping. That may be a problem since they are in the UK.