Galfer Brake Lines Length With Helibars


I could use some help.

I ordered some Galfer brake lines in stock length which will be here on Wednesday.

I currently have 1 5/8" Helibars on my Busa and the Helibar website says you can use stock length lines but I've read several post that give the impression that I should have ordered longer lines.

I called Galfer and they weren't much help. The gal on the line said I should have ordered longer lines but when I told her the Helibar website said you can use stock length, she said then they should work.

So any definitive answer on what I need to do?

Why chance it? I'm doing the same only going with F&R brake SS lines plus I'm swapping clutch line. $85 for Galfers clucth ss line versus $134.99 for stock Suzuki. Which makes more sense? Good luck and let us know how it works out. Wardie
Thanks for the help.

When I get the lines I'll match them up and see if they fit and if not I'll just have to order some more lines.

Seeing as the original owner used the stock lines and Helibars for 16,000 miles of riding I'm thinking I should be ok. There is still slack in those lines but if it's not a good fit I'll swap them out for longer lines.