New Galfer Brakes.


I have ordered new front and rear Galfer brake lines from one of our board sponsors...
The question is mounting the lines. The Oem lines have rubber dampers in several locations on the front lines and once in the rear.
Galfer lines have no dampers....
Does the galfer lines fit the clamps or did you guys add something to stop chafing?
Also the rear clip is just welded..... Did you just bend it? Does the powder coating chip or crack?
Thanks for any help.


I peeled the rubber of the original and put it on the hose of the new lines on the fronts. I moved the rear because of my extended swing arm and used a front mount from a Kawasaki dirt bike.
Thanks Professor. I wondered if they would come off, but you had to spilt them to fit over the bangos on the new?
Finished the new brake lines ,pads and levers tonite....
and it starts to rain.... will test in morning.....

lines and levers 013.jpg

lines and levers 014.jpg

lines and levers 015.jpg
Brake pads where squeeling about half way back from a "spirited ride" across the skyway monday..... The stock pads have a glazed look about them now:laugh:

lines and levers 010.jpg

lines and levers 019.jpg

lines and levers 020.jpg