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I will assume your title expresses the fact that you are a Christian,Yes?
To answer your question, Yes for the political & spiritual minded.
Much revelation on the loss of the American way of life "Freedom"
Can be learned on this place to listen for those with ears to hear & eyes to see.
This nation has no king but king Jesus, many mis-interperate Romans13 to mean we should listen to those who would enslave us, WRONG!
please post non-bike related threads in "Random Thoughts".

I believe this is the 3rd of yours I have moved recently.
OH NO!!!!!!!  Has Kerb come back to life in a different name?



er, yes, I'm a Full blown, flat out christian, but I can't stand listening to talk radio. I also avoid ALL news, cuz it's all really just gossip, and I never vote either. I have nothing to complain about - have no problems or delemas over which idiots make decisions that don't have any affect on me.

I listened for a few seconds hoping perhaps it was a BIKE TALK RADIO or something only to find it was political stuff.

It's hard unplugging people from the matrix they believe to be a real life, and it needs to be done cautiously and with respect to their own decisions to do so. IMHO. But, I AM hardcore on my beliefs and wishign others could 'get it' , but tracts and direct witnessing often times makes us sound looney. Read the responses - credibility gone

I won't argue beliefs with you cuz that should be done elsewhere, essentially ours are the same. As far as Romans goes:
Obey the government, for God is the one who put it there. All governments have been placed in power by God.
16 differnet versions say the same thing, and it makes sense to me. Yes, government sucks on many levels, but it's here and it always will be. We deal.
Keep voting in spiritual leaders and maybe eventually same sex marriage [oxymoron until we rewrite our language], child porn, abortion and all that will be shown in light of what it really is and who is behind it: it's the reduction of individuality, the last thing that makes us all really special. Once it's gone, ANYTHING goes

Yes, I can get on a roll, but I gotta go home and work on some glutteny. kidding. Have a great night whoever read all the way down to here.