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please post a pic of your bike... inquiring minds would love to see it!!!! 99 grey/black still my fav!! i do like the copper though....


howlin mad you are a hooligan!
OK I see alot of opinions so I guess I will jump in now with mine. When they came out with the 2000 Blue and silver I was in love the blue is an awesome color mine was born on 12/99 so according to Suzuki no restriction on top end . I think the black and Blue version is a close second but I have always loved Suzuki blue my 89 1100 was blue and white like the 1000 GSXR I would like to see a Busa in that sportbike scheem . As far as the Copper one goes everyone has different taste but I think it is hideous no offense like I said everyone is different I have noticed alot of women like it I just dont think it is sporty enough I have to agree though it will probably be worth the most .....
In Europe there is 2002 availabe in blue-silver, just like 2000, but with new paint figures. That's sweet.
Here in Australia the 2002's come in blue/silver or blue/black.I am about to get a blue/silver but love the black/silver and would have to get a second hand one for that colour now.The black/silver looks awsome with the outer edge of the rims polished too.
1999 Black & Silver, U.K Model, BMC filter, and 4 into 1 Micron. 169 bhp at the back wheel after remapping,198mph indicated on dyno, not the bike speedo. WHAT RESTRICTION ?
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According to Suzuki all late 2000 and up model Busas have a restrictor that limits top end to 186 MPH I would have to imagine that that is on the speedo which means unless they have fixed the speedo problem actual is probably only 170 and if you drop a tooth in the front it could be less but i am not sure thats my theory I believe you can put a TRE (timing retarder eliminator) on any model up to the 2002 and it will fix the top speed limiter I think again not sure From what I have heard this trick will not work on the 2002 and up models but again I am going from context from many things I have read on this and other sights I am not sure how to fix the limiter on those models Fortunatly mine was born on 12/99 so I dont believe it has the limiter I am going to find out soon but the weather is not cooperating slightly gusting on any good day has prevented me from my radar run about 185 indicated is as fast as I have gone it seemed to want to go more but the wind can really move you around at that speed
I love my Blue and Black 02 Silver and Blue runs a close second but that red and silver looks damn good also. Haven't seen the LE yet but that copper screams YUK!!! Otherwise most Busas look darn good.
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First post so go easy please, had some fun at the local suzuki garage with this LE version of my own.

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