Limited edition--2 thumbs up

Went by the local dealer today to get some spark plugs and there set an ALL BLACK LIMITED EDITION BUSA. Made me want to go home and get mine and trade it in. That is without a dout the best looking busa out there, the black frame and swingarm really make the bike stand out. hmmm should I trade mine in is the question.
that's exactly why i don't want to see one in person!! afraid i will sell the Harley and trade in the 99 grey/black and get one!!! if i do, i will have to get all the goodies on it!!!! it would be sweeettt, no one around here has one!!! damn, i think i'm drooling... better stop thinkin' about it!
I have gotten nothing but rave reviews everywhere I go on mine. Yesterday at lunch a gaggle of business guys flocked around the bike and were looking at it, pointing and checking out the speedo (they would have died over the 200mph ones!), but what was sooooo amusing to me was the fact that they were ignoring (completely ignoring) my buddy's TRICK R1 right next to it

500 miles happens today... now i get to unleash it.......
I went to Honda/Suzuki in Knoxville for a flat tire on a bud's Valkerie and there sat a 'Busa SE, all black and hour later it was mine....highly recommend it to everyone...nothing but raves from all riders!!!!

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