Lifting a Busa?...


Ok guys, not sure if this has been done, but I was thinking about lifting my Busa a tad. Rather than lowering links, does anyone make lifting links? Had it been done?

It would give the Busa a bit more of an agreesive stance. I had some tail risers on my TL and it deffinately gave it a much more aggressive look, but it also made the bikes center of gravity a bit more comfortable in the corners.

So... Anyone up to build a set?
Check out Soupys links, they are adjustable and I believe can you plus one.
I used Schnitz links to raise the rear end 1". It does make it a bit nicer in the twisties.

This and the 55 series tire make it a lot of fun in the twisties. I have done both of these and couldn't be more pleased with the results.