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Hey, sorry for cross-posting this (I buried it in another post), but does anyone have the warranty booklet and the address listed in the booklet for raising warranty issues with Suzuki? I have my warranty card but not the booklet, and I'm told there's an address in there where letters relating to warranty issues can be sent.

My 2002 Busa has 1700 miles and has broken down three times in five months - and the dealer's attempted to fix it twice. I want to write to Suzuki's warranty dept - but can't because I'm an idiot and lost the booklet.

Any help much appreciated.

I will take a look for mine, what exactly has happened to your Busa?

There are incidents where it cuts out repeatedly - at 400, 700, and 1650 miles or so from new. Leaves me without power in traffic at speed sometimes, which is disconcerting. The dealer has attempted to fix it twice, the second time based on best guesses by American Suzuki because they can't replicate it (it can be tens or hundreds of miles between events and dealers don't test drive a bike more than ten). It generally stays broken down unless I hike the tank and then it gets twenty more miles (or maybe it's just the time involved in hiking the tank that has this affect). I've looked and don't see anything wrong - and the dealer's service staff have looked - so who knows. I think it's just a lemon.
The dealer can give you the phone number to Suzuki. I had to call up Kaw a few years back to get my peice of @#*& ZX-11 fixed.
Well, Here is the address:
American Suzuki Motor Corporation
Motorcycle Division
P.O.Box 1100
Brea,Ca 92822-1100
Attn: Customer Relations

There is also a phone #
(714)996-7040 Ext380
Hope this helps and they help you.
Well, the shop says that they did replicate the problem this time and got a failure code - they say it's a bad ECU. Guess I'll have to see if that actually does it.