Transmission problems


i purchased a 2002 busa back in jan. since then i have logged a total of 2,3-- miles. i won't say they were easy miles esp. after the first 1,000 but and i won't say they were hard either. i've never been to the track and i mostly only ride wheelies in first gear. "it's not like my r1" well about two weeks ago i start gettin slippage from the trans while just rollons in 2nd gear. so i took it to the shop to get it looked at but first i had made sure the chain was tight and both the front and rear gears were fine. about a week almost two weeks later i finally get a call from the shop wanting my permission to tear down the bike and diagnose the prob. i figured suzuki should have gave the go ahead being the bike is still under it's first year of warranty. but i said go ahead anyway. they finally called me a couple of days later and explained to me that it was a bent shift fork which stripped a couple of gears in the tranny. and they also stated suzuki wasn't gonna cover it they pretty much said it was abuse. which is bullshi- !!!! so now it's gonna cost me like $1,500.00 to get a brand new bike i just paid almost $11,000.00 with a 4 year extended warranty fixed... i was just wandering if anyone else has been screwed over by suzuki's warranty??? and it states right there in the warranty paperwork that it covers all internal lubricated parts in the transmission.if anyone has any ideas what i should or could do about this please let me know. i already have my attorney writing letters to suzuki and threatening a small claims suit. but i shouldn't have to do all that.... this poop just makes me wanna go with a new r1 or a zx-12 but i hate to do it cuse i really like the busa but what good is a suzuki warranty if their not gonna uphold it?
I work at a kawi and honda dealer. Today i asked my service manager if we had a suspected shift fork problem, would it be covered. He said no, unless the shift drum was bent also. Otherwise he said they blame the shifting problems on the owners, and we are stuck with the bill for our own bikes. Personally i think that sucks if you pay that much they should atleast help you the first time. Not much help for you, just a little input. If it is a good dealer they should be willing to help you out.
The warranty thing sucks. Kaw patched my ZX-11 and then when the same rod was nocking only 1,200 miles later(1 1/2 months) wouldn't touch it. It was my fualt they made a POS bike! My freinds have had the same luck with SUZ!
I took out 2 rods on my old zx11 also, still have them hanging in my shop. It sucks that dealerships have to blame everything on abuse. They should tell you up front that yes you have a warranty, but no we are not going to stand behind it. We had a customer the other day that took his gas tank stickers off with a razor blade and then tried to say we scratched his tank and put the factory stickers over the scratches. Okay then. It is people like that, that screw up our legitimate warranty claims. I hope my 02 busa doesnt fail me. 3,500 miles so far without a prob. Supriseing since they were hard miles. i will keep my fingers crossed. Good luck with your dealer, if they are like the place I work, keep onn them they will give in sometime. We fixed the guys tank who cut it himself just to shut him up. So call and call and call and call
I just bought an 02 Limited Edition Busa...does anybody have a false nuetral between 5th and 6th? There also is some vibration in 5th at about 82 mph...didnt even think to check at what RPM...duh. Had it for about three days...500 miles...and I really enjoy it. Also heard second gear goes out a lot.
Ok here we go..Lets see..bent shift forks!! stripped 2nd gear dogs off??..hmm..the only way i have heard of bent shift forks
is to drop the bike on the ground hitting the shifter.even at a standstill that can happen..Not a Suzuki problem...don't think you can bend them with yer foot..
Rod knock..hmmm..dont redline motor before full operating temp...long lurid wheelies at high revs..half to one quart low..
..not a Kawaski problem....sad but true
Ps..most bikes can take a 1st to second speed shift...rode a 900 for 40,000 miles..and did that didnt have 99 foot pounds of torque like the busa..if Suzuki were to make it "BULLET PROOF" it would have to weigh alot more....
So in closing..let it warm up..keep the oil level full..and shift just abit easier..1st to 2nd...
Busahig...5th to sixth gear low speed..60mph even
it takes almost a full second to engage..will not snick shift unless your jammin'....remember 5th is good for 189 mph..egads.....just hold your foot on the shifter till it goes slower speeds....
vibration..yes....we all have it....3, 4,500 is bliss....
it will buzz at higher revs...normal...