LED and Angel eyes

I am not looking to go completely cheap but like everyone on here always looking to save a few bucks. Anyone have any good tips or kits thu have bought and are happy with. I am looking to do red since I am having my bike painted black with a little red.
Def. go with the LED ones as they last the longest and are (I think) a little brighter than the CCFL ones. If you look, they are all around the same price so I don't know where you are looking to save a few bucks?
I just didn't want to buy a high prices kit if there is one out there that looks as good for half the price. Trying to do angel eyes and LEDs on the bike for under $200
I would stay away from those rings! I will post some pics up. There a waste of money. I have ordered 4 sets total and they have had leds go out or the whole thing go out. The best advice I can give you would to buy LED strips and go around the housing. I will post pics of both. The LED strips are made better.
These look awesome but how are they as far as brightness at night and putting light on the road?
They are VERY bright...but they are NOT intended to be used as an auxliary light or as a substitute for your main headlamp.

Dozerdriver has seen them and can tell you how bright they are.

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