Leaking new forks


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Just got my new 03 Busa on Thursday of last week and out 300 miles on it before Sunday . When going out to the garage on Sunday morning I see a small drip below the left front fork . I proceed to check the fork over and the leak is definetly coming from the fork leg . The shop I purchased it from is closed all this week for inventory so I call the nearest dealer to me which is only 1 mile from work and stop by during lunch so they can take a look at the leak . The service guy doesnt even get up off his lazy ass to look at it just tells me that they dont stock the fork seals and it will probably not be covered under Suzuki's warranty . WTF is the warranty for then I ask ? He proceeds to inform me that the problem may have been caused by my bottoming out the forks after a wheelie . How could he have known that ? I told him the bike at this point has only 350 miles on it and is still in the break-in period . He says he'll call Suzuki and get authorization for the repair and will call me asap to set-up an appointment . Personally I think they're pissed because I went to another dealer 25 miles away to save 300.00 on the purchase . Has anybody else had this kind of shitty service from a dealer ? I work for the largest Harley dealer on the east coast as an Asst Service Manager and would never think of turning down any warranty work especially when the bike is brand new . Guess I will have to wait untill next week and drive back to Charlotte for the repair and the first 600 mile service .

Just venting ,
Bought my 03 bus in may, and put on 5,600 or so miles on it since. This sat my forks leaked finally, one worse than the other. I do some wheelies, but not terribly much, and have NEVER bottomed out. I'm pretty sure the warranty covers it, I'll find out in a couple of days for sure. Odd thing is, the seals stared leaking when I had it put away for like a month.

Yeah that is what suck cause my TLR never leaked untill after about 10000 hard miles , hard wheelies and cornering , but I have been way easy on this big beast so far . I have never had a problem with any other Suzuki or any other sport bike I have owned in the past. The dealers attitude is what really pissed me off .
Yep soundz like a "typical" import motorycycle dealrship mannerism. Get yo loot then try to go up in ya even further, if it isnt a warranty issue I would never let one of those monkey azz tech touch my bike. Sorry to hear about situation Cyclelectric , you might wanna save yourself some loot and skip the 600 mi srvc call. I didnt do it and serveral other as well (ask around)just change the oil,check the major nuts and bolts.
This is the only thing that scares me about the front end coming up every once in awhile, OK and crashing horrably. I agree that once a dealer has pulled that bull#@$! go somewhere else. The quality of repair is likely to follow suit.
The fork seal have to be (one of) the worst parts on Suzuki motorcycles.


If they don't repair the leg, jump up and down like a stuck pig and insist that you will not leave until it is fixed!!!

www.gpsuspensions.com if when you decide you have had enough of the stock antique valving and s(q)uels!
The warranty should cover it. I bought my '03 busa at Champion Suzuki in Mesa, Az. Since I was by myself, I bought some tiedowns and the service guys helped me load it in the back of my truck. When I got home, there was a puddle of fork oil in the bed from the right leg. What a f-in bummer - zero miles and a blown fork seal. I went back to the dealer expecting them to give me crap about tying it down too tight, but they didn't. They scheduled my service appointment and fixed it no charge. The work order I signed said "Warranty" in the Amount Due box. Just my $0.02...