Laconia wet week


Hey this was the worst Bike week I have ever gone to but I still had fun with my buddies here are some pics we only put on about 25 miles all weekend



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Glad you still had a good time. Yhea the weather sucks. The sun came out oday, went out and wham-O T- showers.


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soupy weather? ... I can relate. How many bikes est? Hope no one bumps one ... domino efect -


What day did you take the pix The rain did suck,sun morn we rode into the weirs and had lunch we were able to to and fro (Louden to Wiers) without getting wet. I remember seeing that blk/sil Busa.


We rode in a truck at about 1 or 2 into weirs on sat it was pouring and we tried to ride in on sundau but it started to rain again so we stopped and had lunch then headed home . Sorry we didnt get to hook up I was really looking forward to meeting some of the other people in here Maybe we can get together for a ride at another time it seems we have quite a few people from around New England maybe a ride to Canada or throught the white mountains of Vermont etc ????????
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