Labor Day Rides

Big O

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Doc and Oscar came in from Vegas, they rode GMR on Friday, a tight, tight, twisty road that goes up into the mountains.

Saturday, they came to my house and we went to Malibu and zipped up and down the canyons all day. We met Nickslick at the Rock Store and he took us for a little tour and we stopped at a restaurant at the beach. Doc and Oscar decided to take a dip in the water and I chased Nick around for an hour and a half. Some fantatic views and a new canyon road I hadn't done before. Thanks Nick!

Sunday we met some of Oscars friends at the base of Angeles Crest, went over that to Sand canyon by my house and up the hill to Frazier Park, then out to Hwy 33, (nice sweepers!) and into Ojai for a snack, then down Pacific Coast Highway to Malibu again.

We rode from 8:30am until 7:30pm with two breaks to eat and get gas, and drink something (it was Hot!) 300+ miles of twisty roads. I was dreaming about turns Sunday night.


Above: L to R Nick, Oscar, and Doc

Below:Me and the view.
Yes, two new GSXR 1ks
Here's the view on the way to Ojai.

extra pics from a solo ride the week before...

View from atop Mt Wilson, 7k feet I believe:

Poor road conditions on the way up there,
and do NOT go off!

Brand new Duc
The whole red part under the seat is the gas tank.

THANKS for the post Big O!!! I have been non-stop since the ride back to Vegas. Did well on my presentation though, then had the normal insane week at the conference. I will post my pics eventually. There are GREAT! Thanks again!!!!

I think you and Oscar should get the Iron Butt awards for all the riding you guys did. :D
Allright BigO I allways like checking your shots and sharing mine too ... keep it up bud.