Weekend Pics

Big O

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I went for a ride by myself on Sunday, then went with a friend on Monday.  She has a Seca II 600, but she doesn't mind catching up at the next stop. And I don't mind waiting.

Here's Sunday's road, Latigo Canyon in Malibu:

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Here's my friend Karen getting ready to go back down Angeles Crest

I got a new chain on Tues. and noticed a few engines in the shop.
This one is a 1585cc Busa getting set to be turboed. There was another 1585 that was getting nitrous.

Oh and the engines don't go in bikes, they go in cars...

I miss those roads Owen. You really have it rough.
Tell Karen Hi for me.
At least I can dream about twisty canyon roads now.

Thanks for the pics Big O
why do you have to remind me about those roads? thats just down right rude!! Cant wait to get back to Cali.
Sweet roads man... Very nice. You, don't see many like that here in Tampa oddly enough. How far away is Thousand Oaks from the road above?
Thanks guys.

JW Karen says hi too.

Jester! Are you coming out to Laguna?

Busahaya, where are you at? We have to get a ride in.

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