Ride to Gilman, NM


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Went for another ride today with Joe and his Harley. Once again we found ourselves up in the Jemez Mtns, but this time we rode to Gilman to see the tunnels. Here's a short background:
Up in the Jemez Mtns they use to cut lumber and move the downed trees out by truck. In order to do this, they had to create some tunnels large enough for the trucks to get through with a load of trees on board. The road has some nice twisties and it is up a tight canyon. Not to many pics but some so you can see what I am trying to describe.

Here's a pic of the steam that runs through the canyon. By the way, there is some great fly fishing on the stream when it is flowing and not covered with ice.

And one more... this is a pic of the after ride snacks that are becoming a tradition now a days. Yes, it is a cannoli, expresso, and a little Anisette to finish off a great day of riding. This is what you get when you ride with the Italians. Ask Crazzycowboy, he's getting use to it now.

Ok, one more for Joe.. that's Joe with the pen. By the way, if you are ever in Rio Rancho and want a good Italian dinner, stop by the Pasta Cafe and tell them you know Georgie. Joe always treats ya right..

Thanks for putting up with me these days. I haven't ridden it around 19 years before getting the Busa last May. Now that I have a bike again, I am finding out just how much fun riding is. Even if it's only to the store and back. You know what I am saying here. Also, I like to take pics of everything. After years of spending a fortune on film and developing, my Wife bought me a digital camera and now its even easier to take pics and save them on the computer and CDs. Once again, thanks for putting up with on this.
Awesome pics Mr GXR, thanks for sharing & please post some more when you get the chance
Wow, I'm just glad to see another Busa rider riding with Harleys!

I miss the mountains...
Looks like awesome riding MrGxr...
You know the Harley's image is not what it use to be, so I ride with a Harley to make it look good. Though waiting for them to catch up in the twisties can be issue...:laugh: