keeping my chrome

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Can I take off my chrome stator and clutch basket if the insurer total my bike ? The insurance co. told me to just take it to the bike shop with out an adjustereven coming to the house to view the damage. So I was wondering once its there and they decide to total it how will I be able to remove my custom parts after the decision has been made?
you would probably be better off to get as many of your custom parts as you can becauseyou probably won't have another oppurtunity
Technically no.........

If the insurance co. totals the bike it belongs to them! This includes all aftermarket parts that fit the intent of original design, either as a replacement or up grade. So if you want to keep the chrome you have to replace it with something that fits the original design concept.......(I.E. put an original part back on, doesn't have to be new). Otherwise you run the risk of violating state law by means of Insurance fraud and/or deprevation of property........
Ive dealt with insurance companies many times. A few quick questions: is there any frame damage? swingarm damage?? shock tube damage?? You should take your bike to someone you trust will be thorough in examining the damage. Also get out all your receipts for any mods done (sometimes the mod is less than the factory unit ie. exhaust). Now get the estimate and submit that into your carrier. They will then schedule an adjuster to come and compare their findings with those submitted by the repair shop. (you are better off having the bike there at the repair shop so they can settle on what they each believe. Now if the damage sustained is over 75% of the book value then the bike is considered totalled. The insurance company does not want your bike in actuality and would rather you make an offer to buy it back from them instead of taking it from you. You will be given that option upon a total loss. They would rather give you less money than take on the burden of auction off your totaled bike. Ive been through this scenario over 5 times so far - the most I ever had to pay to keep my own vehicle was 1500. Is you have any more questions, feel free to PM me.
oooops I forgot- I asked if those components were damaged because they are big dollar items that will usually determine if the bike will be totaled aside from the fairings.