kaw zx10 on tv tonight


ive seen some of you guys showing the new kaw. anyway they are supposed to be showing it tonight on espn's 2 wheel tuesday. i think it comes on at 10 or 10:30 pm eastern. personally i would keep my busa over any kaw.

I seen the episode, gregg white (the host) said it had close to 160hp. Guess I do get a little afraid with these new bikes comin out that bost 150+hp and weigh 100lbs less than ours. Time for a turbo bus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have to admit, if I had to own something besides a busa or a gixxer 1000, it'd prolly be a new ZX-10. Of course I'd have to paint the dang thing. Don't think I could live with that green! :drool: