K9 hayabusa gsxr1k tail swap

This is my first time ever posting in a forum, so here it goes! After pondering and reading the post on this topic, I pulled the trigger and decided to do it. I'm using the whole gsxr sub frame and cutting it to fit and adding a couple mounting tabs. I also am going to use the busa front half of the seat and use the gsxr back half of the seat pan.






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Nice job. :welcome: to the oRg :thumbsup:

I think the Gen II rear looks better, especially with the stretch and wide tire, but that's me
Never seen this mod and liked it. Makes the bike look front heavy, unbalanced and ruins the flow of the bike. Busas are supposed to be curvy!

Also, extending the swingarm a few inches looks okay with the stock tail but there is a point where you are extending just to extend or for shock value. I like mild extensions that cause the curve of the wheel to follow the tail, maybe 6-8 inches at the most. Once you bring the curve out past the tail it doesn't look right.

In this case the extension works because the tail just sticks straight out from the frame and has no curved line to follow with the tire. Still doesn't go with the front of the bike though.

Just an opinion and you now what they say about opinions.


I think I would like it more if it were the same silver color as the rest of the bike and with a smaller tire and shorter stretch. But that's just me. It's not bad though.

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