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What up everyone! It's just the new guy trying his hand out at posting, which I know I'll get the hang of. Anyways, I've recently been baptized into the Busa world with my B&G 99. She's beautiful, dangerous and not afraid to bite back; just the way I like my chicken...I meant women. ;) Anyways, I just needed a little help tracking down a service manual for my 99. I tried looking through the site, and believe me when I say that my eyes are getting crossed. I'll admit my guilt: I used to come by the boards as a guest and see what info I could gleen about my dream bike, but now that it's on the way (next week), I feel it's time for me to REALLY start learning about Queen B. I'm glad to finally be a part of an elite group of bike owners. Any thoughts?

BTW, here's a pic of my baby. she's mine fellas, :)

Pacific -

Here is the thread that has been going on for some time about the service manual. Most of it deals with your '99 model.
Hey Pacific welcome to the Owners group. I downloaded the manual and took a disk copy to office max & they print and bind it for about $30.

btw, where u at exactly? - Kent
Pacific, that's a heck of a collection of vehicles in that picture. Does it get hard to choose what to drive/ride? Hehe!
Hey PacificB,
First welcome, Second watch out for the mod bug. Once it bites, it can suck big bucks out of your pocket. It's addictive.
Welcome Pacific, well judging by the car collection in the background, you will be at the parts shop indulging in many precious fast mods. :beerchug:
Thank you thank you. Actually, only the bike belongs to me. The pic came from the guy I bought it from. As for the mod bug, well, I can't afford it right now. I had to get three loans to get this precious piece of machinery, so I'm tied down for at least three years. Oh, and HawaiiBusa, I'm real close to you. Does "Guam" ring a bell for anyone? Thanks for the big welcome, guys!