Just Joined The Hayabusa Family


Hey All,

I just wanted to check into the board as a new member. I purchased my first Hayabusa today. It's a lovey blue and silve '04 still sitting in the crate. I purchased my first bike two years ago. It is a blue and white Yamaha R6. I really wanted the Busa back then, but coming from the car seen and being a bike newbie, I thought it would be safer to get the 6. Now it's time to make the jump I've always wanted. Unfortunately, being a Chicago area resident, it will be sitting in the crate for a few months until it warms up and I ask the dealer to assemble it. I'll be sad to let my R6 go, but I love speed, and the Busa got plenty more than the R6 has. I can't wait.
Welcome to the board and Congratulations on the new Busa.
Welcome, and what a painfull thing to have to wait!

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Welcome to the board, lot's of info here.
The wait, oh the wait, Living in N. Cali we know about having to wait 2 or 3 days for the rain to stop and it to warm upto 60+/- degrees  

Sorry, had to be said.
You will not be disappointed with the busa.

Ride safe  
Welcome Chitown. I don't know about the wait. I think I would have them assemble the bike and keep it in my living room until ready to take outside. Would make a good seat to watch tv during your BAD winters in that part of the country. I'm with gaw in Northern Cali. It's been foggy and cold for a couple of days, but very soon sunshine again. 60* is good for us to ride in. Anyway congrats on the new Busa and have fun with it.
Welcome and congratulations. Sorry about the weather I would be going crazy.
Hey Welcome man! I know a couple of folks from NaperVille...didn't care for em.

just playing, welcome to the Board.
welcome...glad to hear you got rid of that woman's bike.
Welcome to the board!! Go ahead and take it home and start tweaking it!! There are plenty of mods you do w/o cranking it.
Welcome to the board. This place is a great source of entertainment AND knowledge. You'll love the Busa. I'm sure you already know that.:)
Welcome to the site, hope the weather improves so you can experience the Busa at its best!
Welcome to the board.
I'm with the others that say get it put together and get it home so you can start snatching frame stickers and reflectors and cuttin' that dump truck mud flap off. Then when the weather breaks you'll be at fighting weight with 'er and ready to hit the road!

Welcome. I got my 03 anniversary edition last August and I love it.