R6 --> Hayabusa

F4 to Busa here... you be fine. Just take your time! and ENJOY!
I wnet from a 954rr to a Busa and everyone I work with was like "You are just going to kill yourself on that thing". The bike will only go as fast as you make it. It is alot heavier but once to get going it is fine. I think you will be okay, just ease into it and learn the bike before to get after it.
Nighthawk 750 to FJ1200 to FZ1 to Busa.

All pigs, the FZ1 was lighter, but the Busa is your friend. If you respect it, you'll have a ball and get TONs of comments on the bike (always a plus).

It's a pig compared to the 6s... but I thought my FZ1 was nible enough, the Busa seems more nimble, but in a different way.

I read all the stories about people highsiding from wheel spin and stuff before too. Scared me, but the throttle isn't that touchy.

The only real time I stomped on it was riding with my buddy who just got a new Shadow Aero... I was leading, he "whizzed" by me on a back road. I got on it and whizzed by him (man, he was going fast when I passed him... lol). I look down, 120. yikes! Felt like maybe 90.

Going 60-80 it feels like it's saying "come on... let's ride! not putz!"

Fun stuff.. I LOVE my busa and I've only had it for about a month now.
My R6 weighs 330lbs and I believe the busa is around 450lbs so it is a big difference in weight.  I'm not a small guy though, I'm 6'1" 250lbs, but I'm sure the weight difference will take some getting used to.   Turning is what I was worried about, especially low speed turns (I've already fallen once during one of those, but I learned my lessson on what I did wrong).
The Busa weighs 478lbs. dry, add in everything else and your well over 500lbs. I went from a 600ss to a Busa but had ridden the 600 for 2 1/2 years. I would spend more time on the R6 unless you won't mind it when you drop it. If your not 110% steady on the R6 then I wouldn't mess with a Busa just yet.
I think I can relate the best to what you are feeling. I did the samething you are considering. I went from a 2004 R6 to my 05 Busa. I put on 4500 miles on the R6 and only dropped her once (parking lot 5 mph too much brake).

The busa won't be as nimble as the R6 and backing out the busa is a task in itself compared to the 600. I didn't find the busa hard to control during riding. You will be fine, just take it easy like when you first got the R6. Gradual learning as with all bikes. And the looks and compliments from people will definitely make you feel like a million bucks.

Its good to be the King!!! Oh and always wear gear and ride with the right mentality.
The R6 has a really bad engine. All you get is performance higher up the rev range. You get all kinds of smooth power delivery with the Busa, so the two bikes aren't exactly the same. 2nd bike, eh?? And you've only been riding since this summer?? Wow...you're running through bikes faster than BulletTrain (no offence, BT).

Still, NO comparison between the R6 and the Busa IMO. Anyhoo, get a little more saddle time beneath your belt before you're sure you're gonna make the purchase, tie the know.

Good luck, and check with your dealers for alot more info on the Busa.

you should be ok. just ride ride ride....... the more you ride the better off you will be in a situation where you need to react quickly.
Respect it is all i can say .. be very careful during slow speeds all that weight stopping suddenly and leaning all to one side can give u some problems, big guy or small. I know trust me im a Big guy and it happend to me. stupid move thou wasnt paying attention .. be careful and always keep ur guard up.

I always wanted a Busa but i started out on a 93' GSXR 1100 for about 6 months, then moved on to a 03' SV1000s for about a year. Now on a Busa for about 6 months and many more years to come.

You'll love the BUSA
I'm excited about getting this bike in the spring!! I've pretty much made up my mind now, no other bike comes close to this thing in terms of the way it looks and the performance (I hear). There is no way I would spend the same amount of money on an inferior bike like the GSXR1000. I was looking all over today and sat on a few 'busa's. It doesn't feel heavy to me at all and the seat and position you sit in are much more comfortable than the R6. My R6 is very jerky, I'll grab the throttle and the bike will jump forward. I'm glad that your telling me the 'busa is smoother because thats the only thing that was worrying me. I'd hate to be in a parking lot and give it too much throttle and crash into the side of someones car, or be in stop and go traffic and crash into the back of someone.

Thanks for the input everyone!
R6 to BUsa does feel dramatically different. When I went from Gixx6 to Busa couple years ago, the wheelbase and weight alone threw me off a little but you get used to it real quick. I still feel kinda cramped in the legs area but that's nothing a new set of rearsets can't fix. The torque is just unreal. And not to mention prolly 30-40 more hp than a 600. You'll love it. Just keep riding the crap outta your R6 and you should be more than ready by this Spring!!

BTW-the K5 or K6 ain't no slouch either. They have just as much power as the busa as well as better power/weight ratio. But the only thing we have over it is torque and stability. The Busa rules as far as mods (minor or major) and the cool turbo kits are often tailored to Busa.
I went from a 1991 Honda F2 (which was my 1st bike, had it for t2 years) to my new 2005 Busa with little trouble......but I also stole CB's Busa every chance I got for three months prior to buying my own.

Be careful, keep a good head on your shoulders and take plenty of time in a parking lot first to get used to the acceleration and weight differences...

Like someone said....it will go even if you don't think you asked it to! I used to take a deep breath and lurch it enough to almost unseat myself. You will get used to that throttle and learn to respect it quickly!

Unless you are just really stupid, in which case you will go "azz-over-tea-kettle" quick, fast and in a hurry!

Be smart and have fun if you do decide to go for it!