Just bought this 22$ 1/2 gallon (1.89L)jug of Engine Ice, the guy I bought it from (shop) said I would still have some left over. I (the week before) watched him flush out and put in Engine Ice and had little less than half. So this 1 jug should be it right?


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actually?...I had just ordered (2) of those jugs of engine ice from josh at rydersconnection....we looked it up that day and i just looked it up again and the busa's coolant system requires 3.1 US Qts.

what does happen though is alot of dudes do either 1 of 2 things that causes them to wind up using "less than required"...and they are....

1. Not burping all the air out of the cooling system and/or?...

2. Never bothering to drain and flush the coolant overflow/resivoir tank.

so?...the way i see it?....if ya don't get at least 3qts in your cooling system?...ya did sump'in wrong.

on a brighter note?...i hear the engine ice is well worth the cash as..the hassel was gonna come anyways..and it does away with that as well...no foaming....no "silicates"....which have a way of destrying water pumps.

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hmm you know what, he possible did use 2 containers I just saw the last one. He used a pump to get all the stuff out. After he flushed it. But man that sucks 44 Bucks for this stuff when I can pay 8$ for water wetter I am currently using and it will last you A LONG TIME. I may take this 1 bottle back I dunno but thanks for the information ;-) it helped.

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