JE Pistons


Hi Guys

I bought a set of JE pistons on Ebay ( listed as new in packaging ) for a Gen1 1397 ( 84mm ) bore, but would like to querie some things. When they arrived they were wrapped in JE wrap and all labels and packets are JE marked with all the parts numbers. Here the details

P/N 172945
Job/Order No. 787503
My questions are, the rings that came with the pistons, have a "Made in Japan" marking on the box, is this correct?
Rings P/N JG 1001-3307
Bore 3.307 Nitrite 1.0x1.2x2.8
Lot No. - 3 x 072010-383-45421 and 1 x 062410-648-44871
One of the ring box Lot numbers does not match the rest. Will this be an issue?
21-GNH08400LT - written on the side of the box
Gudgeon Pins
Lot No. 10A-7B-0610-177-101110 Is this correct?
Circlips -
P/N 787-050-MW

I have check all the part numbers against JE web site and they are correct.

I collect package today and opened the box to find 2 pistons with slight damage on them.
The one is damaged by the oil ring at the gudgeon pin which has pushed a bit into the oil groove on both sides.

The other has been damage just above the first ring groove and pushed a little in the groove

Would they be safe to repair and use or is it better to send back and get a new set but that dont say they the next set will not have any damage.

This is the first time i have bought any type of after market pistons and just want to make sure i dont have any issues and if i have to send them back then have to pay import duties again when replacement set gets to South Africa. Then again a little import duties is better than rebuilding a engine because of a piston.

Can you guys shed so light on this





Mr Noonan... calling MR Noonan :laugh:

my opinion is to send them back. There's damage to the pistons and there shouldn't be. :beerchug:
Ken, TJ from JE came back to me, the lot #'s on the rings are nothing to worry about as per him, the rings are indeed made in Japan. Go Figure.

With my information in hand i have mailed the seller and waiting for his response. Will see what we can negociate with him. Sent Noonan a mail as well just to run everything past him and see what he says.
Thats some pretty bad damage,better return for a new set.Not worth the time and risks.Lucky you got a good seller,at least chances are there for a good set rather than stuck with your current set