It's time up those New Year's resolutions here...


oRg Gal
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Administrator when we break 'em, we can all be publicly humiliated like usual :whistle:

Mine - getting to the gym, and while there, I think I'll work out :lol:

Omar's since he never logs in anymore - to be nice to Tess (my Mustang) and continue to fix her, and to continue to tolerate me, and I think he too wants to commit to the gym workout thing, or was it that he just wanted to be committed? Hrmmmm... :poke:

I'll post Bots since he won't be here - Bots won't be here, see -->

NEXT! :rulez:

Get my bike finished, quit smoking, finish my album, go to the Gathering again, and get my ass to the meet n greet
My resolution is no more drinking..... of course there will be no less drinking either. :beerchug:
I need to lose about 25 pounds. Right now I am at 230. I'm working out, but need to do more cardio. I also need to eat less.... :whistle:
Drop 40 pounds, eat better, ride my Busa every chance I get. Do some landscaping / fixit stuff around the house. Unpack the rest of the boxes from moving over a year ago...

Wag more, bark less.
trying to maintain my jogging to keep this gut down and ready for Greece in june to visit pops. i've got some work to do for sure and it's tough pushing 40. :laugh:
Work less, make more. Drop 20 pounds. Stay sober another year. Put at least 10,000 miles on my Busa.
Maintain the 30 lbs I lost last year...Gotta get some new leathers for the track this year!
hmm, pay down some debt. and squirrel away enough for a used 600 for riding around town and to get my busa out of commuting detail. maybe gain 20lbs, at 185 I'd like to break the 200lbs mark and still stay under 7% body fat :please:
I decided to try to use my exercise equipment for something other than a coat rack. Bought the t25 program. starting on the 30 on a Monday. I completely redid my basement. painted the walls with the drylock extreme cause i had some leaks. then i just finished yesterday the floor. I used that garage flooring with the flakes and put it on the basement floor. once that is dry i will put everything back and begin the madness. Im hoping this is my year to actually do it. need to loose about 30lbs. Ive seen way to many people i know in the last 5 years die not even 10 years after they retire from heart attacks and so forth so dang it. Its time bring it on like donky kong.....i
1. Take another 15lbs off. :please:

2. Actually use my new trackday bike. :thumbsup:

3. Make up the miles on my Hayabusa that I didn't get in this year. :thumbsup::thumbsup:
No to make any new years resolutions, but make every day the best, be the best, and not just right after new Years