It never gets old.Shocking your adult children.Got the daughter yesterday.


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No doubt about it..its fun. I had,shall we say,somewhat of a mis-spent youth.All kinds of stoopid things were done.
Forinstance: I decided at some point in my younger days it would be cool to sport an' earring.I know,pierced ears on a man. :eek:
Well as some of you know I usually do things BIG.[ O.C.D.] right. Most men,one or two holes.Well Rubb gets nine holes all on the same day.Yup,infection sets in,neck swells up like I swallowed a golf ball.
Too funny. So after the thrill wears off,I let them grow over.Till about a week ago,I go get them re-opened.
Well the shock value is always worth it. Her jaw dropped,didn't say a word.Mission accomplished.:thumbsup: Not enuff thou,I was also sportin' all my bling. Silver chain [worn outside the un-buttoned shirt] ya,see to many Italian mob movies. Bracelets and rings were also being adorned. Shock yer kid today,makes you feel all warm n' fuzzy. Rubb Out.
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