is this bike overcharging?


i didnt look into it much because it was late, my friends and i were riding sunday night, we got to dennys and it smelled like rotten eggs. im not thinking much about the bikes being that youll get that smell from a clogged catalytic convertor.....luckily we dont have those...yet LOL. but it seemed to eminate from my friends (my old bike) 05 gixxer 600. rode it home, and it smelled like that again.


now i havent even had time to glance at the bike yet this week, he had to jump it last week, so im thinkin the battery is toast no matter what. im not familiar with the charging system on these bikes just yet, can someone shed some quick light on it for me? how exactly does it work, what would cause overcharging?:banghead:
You should be able to take it to advance and get it checked. I know they do car batteries and should be able to do the bike battery. The manual on the bike should cover the basics. I don't know, so I have to leave it at that. Good luck with the fix.
Put a voltmeter on the battery terminals while the bike is running. Rev the engine to between 3-4k. If the voltage spikes higher than 14.8 VDC the regulator may be going out. The battery is being cooked and that is the likely cause.