Is there a better battery than factory issue?


I have had two batteries go bad on me in less than two years.  Surely there has to be a better replacement than the $130.00 dollar wonder from the factory/dealer?

This is the only brand (Yuasa) where I have had so much trouble with batteries.  I had the bike checked out and it is in great working order; charging-wise.
Mine went bad after a year so I fitted one from a Honda SP2.
Supposedly it is a "special" duty, probably to get the old tractor engine running that they fit to those things.
Same size but around 5MM taller so it fits nice and snug. As soon as I can get to my bike I'll get some numbers from it.
You can find sonme drycell 500 cranking amp batteries out there. Be careful of the size, I think that you would have to lower the batter plastic floor a little. Do a google search on motocycle batteries it should come up. i don't remember the site or I would send it over.
Write Spaz,
He sells the Honda battery that you need. It's more powerful, will last longer than the Busa battery and it fits in the battery box.
Tell him that I sent you too.

Your problem will be over, unless there is an underlying problem that isn't detected yet.