Is NASCAR over?


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This is so cool! F1 racing in HD! Free on FOX. I don't watch much TV cept for Simpsons, Sienfeld, Family Guy and Weather, but found F1 racing on the tube today. Pretty cool. Reminds me of the video game..

I was thinking.... how much of the F1 technology trickles down to production cars? Should be more in my opinion
I hope nascar dies out completely. Then, when most of the sponsors are gone they can redo the rules and let each manufacturer do their own thing.
I'll admit, NASCAR is not my cup of tea.... but I understand it's existance. It has deviated HEAVILY from it's roots of "Stock" cars, which would be cool to see today. OLD OLD racing is a lot of fun to watch: big old heavy metal cars, not too many rules... but overall ovals get old after about 10 laps. I'll probably offend a large group here.... but I bet there are alot more Beer Drinkers than Wine drinkers, so the sponsors go where the majority crowd goes. F1 is closer to Wine than Beer



With all the NASCARs being basically Identical, I just don't see the point
NASCAR wants it to be a drivers race.Can't be done with differant makes and aero packages.Use to be good racing.Earnhardt would be sick of what NASCAR has become.Has gone down worse since he past.
NASCAR Dead, ya got to be kidding  
! What would the masses do with their Beer and Tailgating Weekends ?? Awwwww, just let them eat Cake
I tried watching NASCAR...once

Just like I tried watching soccer...once
I am astounded that MotoGP was on CBS this last weekend!

Man, I have watched and followed it since I was a kid, it was a regional motorsport and being from the South nearly guaranteed that you knew a little about it.
Then they made it a mandate to race all over the country (flat tracks in the NE even), cookie cutter cars, rules that make everything the same and Petty coming out publicly asking for franchise teams rather than competition is killing me.

I still watch it, more out of habit than enthusiasm but its getting harder and harder.

F1, nope, not here....
Watching is one thing, But being there is like your first ride on the Hayabusa. Testostrone Bump to the max. Nascar is going nowhere but up in the ratings. Go Team Penske!!!
Keep an eye on the tube, 'cause F1 and MotoGP will continue on FOX and CBS, respectively, for about the next month. For those of us who can't get SPEED on Comcast digital cable (why they don't offer it in Center City Philadelphia, but in the suburbs, I'll never know), it's a real pleasure.

And if you put at least a wheel and a motor on it, I'm watching it!
(WWJD @ Jul. 01 2007,13:52) I was thinking.... how much of the F1 technology trickles down to production cars?  Should be more in my opinion
Pretty much all of the performance technology is developed, in one form or another, from F1: e.g., ABS, run-flat tires, cornering stabilization, aerodynamics, transmission (paddle-shifters), braking components (carbon-carbon), valvetrain components (pneumatic valves), engine materials (ceramics) ....  And a fair amount of F1 technology is developed from the aerospace industry.