Is it just me or do you think big tire kits are WAY over priced?


I like the look and would really like one but I'm not paying $4,5k or even more. So my question is, can you do a big tire for cheap or am I just not getting one? I don't like the 240 so I'm talking 300 and up Lol I think I already know the answer :whistle:
WAAAAAAAAYYYYYY over priced :banghead:.......i've been looking for 300 or 330 kit for my 01, the cheapest i found was for $2999 and that was a raw arm and stocker rear wheel....i do want one and i will get one, im saving my pennies...:laugh:
They are over priced unless you want a nice set of rims to go with them . rims alone for a bike are over priced compared to car rims (not sure why)
They are over priced unless you want a nice set of rims to go with them . rims alone for a bike are over priced compared to car rims (not sure why)

There is more work to making a bike rim than a car rim. There are two sides to worry about, machining in the cush drives, bearings, etc. Far more work than casting a wheel and machining one face..
Do It Yourself Kits are available :thumbsup:


yea, and be careful who you buy from.....this guy wanted to sell this kit he had on his bike and after questioning him on why he took it off, well see for yourself...


Dado said it best you have to pay to play :whistle: sure U may be able to find a "cheap" kit but it will be just that.... cheap. meaning cheap materials, R&D, and craftsmanship. The well known companies that sell them are still selling them 4 a reason. Their products work, not to say that there isn't a few small shops out there that produce quality stuff but it's more likely than not if you run across a deal that looks too good to be true it's usually because it is.... I'd rather pay more once and have that piece of mind that I'm riding down the highway and have no worries of something breaking, bending,or snapping and sending me to the pavement quickfast and in a hurry.
Going cheap could cost you double, Go with someone with a good rep Roaring Toyz or someone with a similar rep. But in the price you looking for I doubt you will find a new kit. I'd avoid a used kit cause the odds on getting shafted increase so much. from bad parts to not getting the parts at all.

Have you seen the Busa with the 240 ??? Its pretty big in person at least till a 300 or 360 park next to it :laugh: The 240 does have a better speed rating :poke::laugh:
Have you seen what happens when those jack shafts break on them 300 tire kits? That might "arouse" you and not in a good way :whistle:
When you run a 240 tire/ swingarm set up there's no jackshaft. Now some of the more pricier 300+ kits have engineered ways to eliminate the jackshaft but the cheaper companies still build the swingarm with em. When using a jackshaft it's not a matter of "if" but rather "when" it goes to chit :whistle: So if you plan on making your busa a trailer queen then have @ it but if you intend on racking up some miles on your bike then the 240 is a safe bet. All you have to do is Google motorcycle jackshaft and read one of the thousands of complaints, gripes, and problems that come along with it
They are expensive but if you like that look, then go for it. I have a Roaring Toyz osd 330 and it wasn't cheap. But I must say it looks amazing and rides just as good as it looks. I have rode a few bikes with jackshafts and wasn't pleased with them, but the osd on the other hand is amazing. Also a lot of the more expensive kits have a lot of R-n-D behind them and they are tested and rode hard. I wouldn't recommend getting a cheap kit, have heard a lot of horror stories about them.