Interesting MN Bike Crash Data


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MN Crash Data PDF  Just some interesting statistics from up north, I am sure a good amount of the data could prove true for the rest of America as well.

I think KS_Waterbug would be proud of me!

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sad statistics, 2 things though, i know helmets are important but the figures show you are twice as likely to be injured without a helmet and TEN TIMES as likely to die without
also when i read most accidents happen in towns with a population of less than 1000 am i to understand that back roads are more dangerous than city streets? or maybe there are just more bikers in small towns.
Ride early, wear a helmet, have a valid license, experience and don't drink and you greatly reduce your chances of being killed or seriously injured. Now if we could just get around that speed issue.

So here are the numbers based on registered cycles:

You have a .008% chance of having an accident, a .006% chance of being injured and a .0003% chance of dying.

If you do crash you have a .15% chance of no injury, a .81 percent of being injured and a .04% cance of dying.

Just by wearing a helment there is a 99.998 percent chance you won't crash and a 99.99996% chance you'll live

Then if you are experienced, pay attention, don't drink your chances are, oh to late to really calculate it but lets say substantially better.
I found figure 4.02 with age and gender data in bar graph form interesting. There's a rapid increase in accident rate for young riders, then a decrease for a while probably reflecting increasing rider skill, then an increase again in the 40s possibly reflecting complacency during routine riding, more aggressive riding associated with increased skill and perhaps a slight reduction in reflexes. The decrease approaching and following 50 is probably a combination of maturity, acknowledgment of slowed reflexes and perhaps fewer riders.

It was interesting that the male/female graphs showed similar trends.

We saw similar accident statistics for aircraft accidents while I was flying in the Navy. A peak due to inexperience followed by a decreasing rate and then an increasing rate that was most often attributed to overconfidence and complacency.

Ride within your limits, stay alert and wear protection.
Great info!  I am now riding my bike at 2:30am ONLY.  
Yeah, Reading this stuff was interesting...Loks like I am only going to ride downtown now at around 0430 wearing full leathers and gear... Seems according to the data that if you ride in these conditions you should just about be able to Pimp slap the taste outta the Hulks mouth and get away with it...

Aren't statistics Fun?