SOS...Traveling bike. Motor blown. Might need help in Rochester MN


I am not afraid to ask for help!
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Been away for a while (work, baby, etc) but have a big problem and thought I would reach out.

My buddy is riding my bike across the country from the east coast to Alberta so we could do a ride in the mountains. Have a week off from work and permission from the minister of recreation. But....just got a text from him that the "motor blew" and he is in Rochester MN. This just happened 30 minutes ago!

I can't reach him but he said he would try to get it somewhere safe. I need to get it holed up somewhere and fixed ASAP!

Any suggestions?

2001 with about 65,000 miles, well kept no prior issues. I have no other details right now.

This "blows" alright...
man i really hope he gets ahold of you and someone can help you out...details let us know whats going on
A 2001 with 65K on it. A 13 year old Busa with 65,ooo mile on it....did I read that right. OUCH.

Turn it over to one of the good trusted Org members and:

A: count yer losses,part out what's left.

B: have someone put it up in their garage and wait for a used motor. If you were broken down in my city,that bike would be in Rubb's shop awaiting a new motor with all the work (motor swap or re-build) done by me for free....I couldn't/wouldn't cover the parts of course.

C: maybe it just got stolen and/or caught on fire.... :whistle:
just kiddin'

No updates oher than the motor is shot. Trying top get it to a local shop and see from there.....any motors laying around out there?

I am an hour and a half from Rochester MN. Bought my bike there actually. Call me and I will help any way I can. six one 2, two 2 three, four three 6 nine.
Fireman...I left a message with the number in the ad. Thanks!

Adam G....You might get a chit! As my avatar says (courtesy of MC Mustang several years ago) ... I'm not afraid to ask for help. Which dealer did you buy at?

Bike is in a shop in Rochester MN. My buddy is flying out tonight, not much for him to do now (except go and buy his own busa...he loved it!). The shop was great to talk with.They got the bike to their shop, offered some suggestions on local parts and are already being really helpful. They will have a good look tomorrow and see if they can come up with a diagnosis but by all accounts it seems I'll need a new motor. I'm looking now.

No way am I going to part with it. Way too much blood, sweat and more than a few close calls with the road and my marriage in that bike.
Let me know. If you need to store it at my place I have a 3 stall garage with one stall dedicated to my bike. I can squeeze her in. Let me know if you need me to go get it or whatever. Happy to help.
Good luck to you man, unless it has thrown a rod, there has to be something salvageable. Even then you probably have valve train heads and ECU etc. I put 100k on my 2k and it was still a predator and I ran it hard. Sold it to a buddy who disappeared into the western sunset with it, and 4 years later and (I calculate roughly) another 45k miles he still outruns newbies and the grim reaper. This man took a 45ACP to the jaw and terminated a 3 man assault force with a 9mm beretta and stood over them until the cops and ambulance came. I bought him a new glock because the cops kept his gun.

Toughest sum***** I ever knew yet can't kill my 2k busa. The one I joined the double ton club with.

Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Sorry for the tangent. Let us know what parts can help you out. I say rebuild the bike 1441.
Way cool Adam. Thanks a lot. I'm hoping to make it all happen over the next few weeks but appreciate the offer!
Threw a rod. There's a hole in the motor and apparently this has caused some loss in compression......

Ok think I have a motor lined up for shipping. Install and ill fly down and finish the ride in a few weeks.

Thanks for the PM's on finding a motor and the offers for help! Wife/kids/ travelling for work...I'm not around a lot anymore but this place still rocks!