Interesting Fueling Issue

E Zurcher

My buddy was having a similar fuel filter issue issue with his 06 Busa than the one I had with my 09. We had purged the filter once and there was an improvement for a couple of hundred miles and then his bike just died and wouldn't restart. He ordered a new filter and we installed it last Friday. We discovered the plastic clip device that holds the fuel pressure regulator had popped off and the regulator was barely sitting in the filter. I had to push it back in just to get the pump assy out of the tank. The clip itself was bowed outward and yellowed with age. It barely hung on when reinstalled. Gen 2 filter design is much better with a plastic cap instead of the clip.

Fast forward to Sunday.....Here's a few Quotes, DAYUMMM! Gotta watch my throttle control! She sweeps right to redline now.

He was always faster than me, now I'll never catch him!:laugh: